we are obsessed with e-solutions for health

We believe everyone deserves a better health. As the mobile, computer and information technologies are growing faster than ever, there are more and more chances and ways to provide better healthcare services to everyone in any place around the world.

At VEH, we aim to bring the most efficient and optimal health e-solutions to you.

For a better life to everyone.

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our services

We bring world class solutions to your health projects, operations and services.

mobile health

We tackle health disparities, especially at remote and low-resource settings, by providing solutions utilizing mobile devices such as cell phone, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and projectors as well as other portable gadgets. Our integrated answers cover a wide range of activities and services, from collecting community and clinical health data, to delivering health care information to practitioners, researchers and specialists, and to real-time monitoring patients and supplying direct provision of care.



With the latest mobile and computer technology, we help to solve the limitation of your medical services in underserved and rural communities. Not only expanding your health care coverages to hard-to-reach and remote areas, we also offer affordable and high-quality clinical and medical services that can bring to your patients doctors and specialists miles away. Our smart and automated solutions assist you to ensure your patients receive appropriate and timely care virtually 24 hours a day.


health applications

Want to renovate and improve your health and health care delivery? Our excellent team will design and create health applications that bring not only usability but also great experience in managing health and wellness and promoting healthy living to your patients. From mobile medical apps to personal electronic health record for individuals to health management information system for clinics and hospitals, we always aim for state-of-the-art works that provide certified, reliable and trustworthy apps.

our team

We are always hiring because we are growing fast!

Despite of the vast grow of mobile, computer and information technologies, applying and adapting those technologies to health remain challenging, and there are too many people around the world don't have access to the best healthcare services. We want to contribute to the world's solution for this problem.

VEH always tries our best to provide you top services and products. We do not simply bridge the fast-growing mobile, computer and information technologies to your health, we bring you the most efficient and adequate solutions available.

Our team includes a few but smart and ambitious people who think out of the box. We look for top people - those who stand out of the crowd because of their creativity, passion and talent. We also value humorous and collaborative people who are willing to learn and change while making decision.

If you believe that you can team up with us, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

our products

We strive to provide the best products to your business.


Providing high-quality care for patients and customers is costly and usually requires adequate infrastructure and appropriate manpower availability for any healthcare providers. If you are looking for an affordable solution for your service, look no more. Our smart e-Care can provide automated superior cares while reducing operational costs dramatically.



While traditional education still has certain advantages, online education has become more and more popular due to its efficiency, accessibility, cost reduction and especially flexible personalized learning contents. Our highly customizable e-learning framework can suit any of your education goals while providing great flexibility and enjoyment for both learners and educators.



Taking pills on-time is one of the first and most important requirements for any prescription. But most people are not able to do that because of various reasons both personally and externally. Worry no more, our MedReminder system will help you to always take your pills on-time. In only one or two minutes, please give our system a try here.

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